Promoting a new approach to Art :

Looking back to Old Masters

We invite business firms, institutions and private persons who are interested in promoting the collecting of Art to join our project either as patrons or as friends of the Institute.

We consider a Patron of IOMR the institution, business firm or private person who, by virtue of an agreement with the IOMR, facilitates obtaining the economic funds required to achieve its projects. Patrons will enjoy the following advantages:

- Reception of the full range of assessment services provided by the IOMR including access to the network of assessment offered by IOMR and also including its network of contacts connected with the purchase of works of Art and the maintenance of an Art collection.

- Attendance at all the events organized by the Institute. Patrons will receive free the publications and studies undertaken by the Institute.

- Patrons may invite 4 persons to be friends of the Institute free of charge.


All those who support the Institute to achieve its projects giving a minimum of 300 € annually will be considered friends of IOMR.

They will have the opportunity to attend all the events and participate in all the activities organized by the Institute.

Friends will receive free the publications and studies created by the Institute.

The friends of the Institute will be interrelated with the blog, the newsletter, twitter and Instagram of IOMR.