Bringing new tastes

to the Old Masters.

The Institute would provide a full range of services focused on Old Masterpieces addressed to public or private institutions and individual Old Masters collectors as well as to Modern and Contemporary Art collectors who wish to be introduced to the Old Masters world.

Expertize, valuation and head-hunting of Old Masters painting and sculpture from the XVth to the XVIIIth century.

Assessment and consultance in creating an Old Masters collection and very specially in the following aspects:

- Distinguishing the masterpieces of your collection; how to exhibit your works of Art at your house or Gallery, how to frame them and how to show their value in the context of other Old or Modern Masterpieces.

- Up-dating your collection of Old Masters in the new context of Art in a modern decorative framework in which new acquisitions of modern and contemporary works, selected from a classical point of view, interact with other Old Masterpieces chosen in accordance with modern taste.

- Revealing and revaluing the Old Masters works from your collection, making studies, and introducing yourself to the main experts, as well as informing on new books, “catalogues raisonnés” and forthcoming exhibitions related to your collection.

- Putting yourself in contact with the world authorities on Old Masters who would help attribute the works of your collection.

- Creating and maintaining up-dated your library containing books and specialized Art reviews which should always accompany an Art collection.

- In case you are fundamentally a collector of Modern Art, it would help you to select Old Masterpieces , following the guide-lines of your collection and decoration of your house.

- If, on the contrary, you are a collector of Old Masters, we would show your works which are more easily adaptable to modern taste , informing you on the opportunities that arise in the public or private Art Market.

- Keep up-to-date regarding the present economic value of your collection of works of Art and be informed about public and private sales connected with your collection.

- Be assessed regarding how to restore and clean an Old Masterpiece and how to maintain the best state of condition of your collection; how to select the best insurance policy or logistics operator for your collection.